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Searching on the internet for the best software uninstaller for your computers? Utilizing a good uninstaller to get rid of unneeded programs is an easier and safer way than Windows Add/Remove Programs. But there are thousands of uninstall tools available. Which one is the best?

A good uninstaller certainly will help you remove any unwanted programs cleanly. But if you use a third-class uninstaller, over time you will be confronted with slow computer performance and unexpected problems by not completely removing programs files and registry leftovers. So I will show you the most important elements of a good software uninstaller. And you can choose the best one for your Windows computers by careful comparison.

The first element to determine a good uninstall tool is the Uninstall engine. A good uninstaller which incorporates a powerful Uninstall engine will be in a position to remove any obstinate and corrupted programs cleanly from your computer.


On the contrary, a low-grade one will leave program traces on your system disk and registry keys/entries, making your computer slow and unstable. So you need to make sure the Uninstall engine of the uninstaller is powerful enough before you install it on your computer.

Additionally, an uninstaller should not only help you remove programs but also offer you good management of startup programs. The result of many software starting up with Windows is boot very slow process. What is worse, they can even cause your computer to freeze at startup. You should disable any unnecessary startup items to accelerate the Windows boot.

Another element which you need to pay attention to is the system compatibility. Some programs do not work on early Windows systems 98/2000 and the latest Windows 7. Running a program that do not support your system will cause you unexpected problems like freezes, crash and so forth. Make sure it can run on your computer.

And the last thing you need to check is the customer support. You will be thankful for getting quick, professional technical support when you have problem in using the problem. So make sure the software developer offers good customer support.

The above-mentioned 4 elements (Uninstall/Removal Engine, Startup Management, System Compatibility and Customer Support) are the most important criteria to determine a good software uninstaller. You can choose a good one for your computers easily.

Free Uninstaller


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